What is Mod 0?

Mod 0 is a prerequisite course for both of the programs at Turing. It is a structured series of 5 sessions which take place remotely during the evening, and ideally starts 6 weeks before you begin your full-time FEE or BEE course at Turing. These classes are not in person, and are conducted fully remotely via Zoom. Please check the calendar for session dates.

The goals of mod 0 are to:

  • Understand the systems and behaviors needed to be successful at Turing and as a software developer
  • Understand foundational technical concepts needed for Mod 1
  • Begin to break down social walls and build community in your future cohort

In order to pass mod 0 and be mod 1 ready, you will need to:

  1. Attend all 5 sessions and complete the required homework
    • homeworks are due by the next session. ie. session 1 hw is due by session 2
  2. Pass the mod 0 assessment (Info can be found in session 4)
  3. Pass the mod 1 pre-work (See side bar link)
    • All of the due dates above are on the calendar

What will we cover in Mod 0?

The key tools and concepts we go over in mod 0 are:

  • Learning strategies
  • Data types
  • Troubleshooting and googling
  • Git and GitHub
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Next steps

When you’re ready to get started, click over to computer setup instructions and start installing!