Creating your hw board

You’ll be using an app called conveyor belt to create your own copy of a GitHub project board. This will allow you to track your progress on the homework over time by moving each card to the done column when you’ve completed it.

This project board allows for a methodology called kanban (I would google the term if you’re unfamiliar) to organize and update

  • After going through the conveyorbelt link above, your board will be found at https://github.com/<yourusername>/mod-0/projects/1
    • For example, since my github username is damwhit, my board would be at https://github.com/damwhit/mod-0/projects/1

When you’ve finished your homework for a given session, and you’re looking for something to do, you can always rely on the mod 1 pre-work as that outlet! Just find the link in the sidebar for your program.

Review Videos

Click here for some review videos to help with some of the concepts we go over in mod 0 and the mod 1 pre-work